Patra Sari

Ananta Legian Hotel
Ananta in Sanskrit means never ending, reflecting the Hotel’s own phylosophy of offering never ending pleasure with its distinctive luxury and friendly service in an ambiance of warm, charm and relaxation.

patra sari

The Ananta Lobby
The Ananta Lobby’s unique design and architecture combine traditional aesthetic harmony and deep Balinese clasical phylosophies with modern lifestyles. Shaped as a Gapura (gate) with shiny golden reliefs, the Lobby showcases three Balinese Patra Sari (sacred symbols), which are Padma (holiness), Cupu Manik (life) and Karang (earth).

Ananta Lobby

Padma (Lotus) symbolizes the Holiness and the Glory of God, representing Ananta Legian Hotel as an oasis of peace and tranquility in the middle of hectic modern life.

cupu manik
Cupu Manik
Cupu Manik symbolizes the Source of Life and Energy, reflecting Ananta Legian Hotel as a place for rest and relaxation refreshing the harmony and energy of life.

Karang symbolizes the Earth. Ananta Legian Hotel is a unique world of its own with never ending pleasure, fun and excitement.