We Love and Care for Children


In conjuction with its Grand Opening, the management of Ananta Legian Hotel held an education and social program called “We Love and Care for Children exhibiting Ananta’s concerns for children and the world of education. This program was supported by KPBA (Kelompok Pencinta Bacaan Anak or Society for the Advancement of Children Literature), a nonprofit independent organization founded by Dr. Murti Bunanta SS., MA.  The event was held on July 17-18, 2012 as part of the Grand Opening.

The General Manager of Ananta, Christian Gumala said, “Ananta is holding a Children Storytelling Festival inviting 40 students from Mentary Fajar School for students with special needs in Jimbaran as well as 60 children living  in Banjar Legian Kaja and other children.” The purpose of this program is to encourage children to respect each other and to love folktales, as well as to encourage children’s interests in reading. The event also held a storytelling training class for teachers, instructors and parents.

Dr. Murti Bunanta explained, “In We Love and Care for Children, noted storytellers Drs. Made Taro from Bali, Dr. Anne Pellowski from USA, and two storytellers from Thailand – Dr.Wajuppa Tossa and Dr. Prasong Saihong – will participate together with storytellers from KPBA. They will promote folktales from Bali, Nusantara and other Asian cultures.” Dr. Murti has been active in nurturing interests in reading among children across Indonesia since 1987. She is a lecturer, writer and  expert on children’s literature. KPBA has been a member of IBBY (International Board on Books for young People) since 1990.